Your Portable AI Assistant

INMO Go must be used with INMOLENS

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「Jarvis Glasses」

See The Future In Advance

*There is a noticeable green light when in use

Your Travel Guide

Overseas Travel Translation

Different languages, smooth communication

Al Tour Guide

Ask questions and get answers.

Well-versed in both astronomy and geography

Your Outdoor Assistant

Cycling/Walking Navigation

It supports walking and cycling navigation without looking down, all while keeping your hands free


Of course, good music is essential on-the-go

Your Work Assistant

Notifications & Schedule Reminders

Supports mainstream APPs for message synchronization and never misses any information or schedule


Speak, present, or teach with confidence without forgetting the words

Business Translation

Your portable translator for overseas visits and exchanges

Your Spoken Language Teacher


Job Interview Practice For Multinational Companies

Lightweight Body With Strong Battery Life, 52g Body Weight

Comfortable wearing experience, durable battery, wear it all day without pressure

*Battery life may vary slightly depending on usage scenarios. Please refer to the INMO team for specific data

Boosted By Cutting-Edge Micro-Display Technology

Up To 2000 Nits Brightness

With micro-LED display technology, content is clearly visible even outdoors

Built-in Prescription Frames

People with myopia or astigmatism can use the frame to visit a nearby hospital or optical shop for configuration

Magnetic sunglasses lens instantly turns into sunglasses

Stereo Sound

High-quality dual speakers with surround sound

Industrial Design

Continuing INMO's consistent black functional design philosophy, it's not only practical but also your stylish tech accessory

What's in Box

  • INMO Go AR Glasses
  • INMO Charging cable
  • Wipe*1
  • Magnetic sunglasses lens*1
  • Prescription lenses*1
  • User guide