• INMO team

    Yang Longsheng

    As a senior expert in the AR/VR field for 9 years, Yang has served as a senior consultant for Epson and other technology manufacturers. He has a deep understanding of the AR industry and product trends. He possesses rich experience in integrating core supply chain resources coupled with a clear perception and planning of INMO’s product direction.

  • INMO team

    Lv Yifei

    Co-founder& CMO
    Graduate of Shanghai Jiaotong University and MFA of Communication University of China, has many years of mainstream media experience and rich media and entertainment resources.
    Previously serving as brand and marketing director of many technology companies such as Coolpad and Huawei. He has integrated concepts of trend design and brand building into INMO.

  • INMO team

    Liu Jiajun

    Hardware Partner
    Former hardware leader of Huami and GoerTek
    Leadership of hardware R&D including Huami watches, Xiaomi bracelets, Huawei VR and other products which have been sold for tens of millions of units. He owns more than 20 national patents as sole inventor.

  • INMO patents

    AR patent

  • INMO patents

    5G-related invention patent

  • INMO patents

    Smart Wearable Utility Model
    and Appearance Patent

  • INMO patents

    AI Patent

  • Hardware Capability

    ·Micro Circuit Design

    ·Hi-Fi Audio Design

    ·Optical Waveguide Design

    ·5G RF Design

  • Design Capability

    ·Ergonomic Design

    ·Trendy exterior appearance design

  • System Capability

    ·Ultra low-power control

    ·Bottom system trimming

    ·Interactive system design

  • Algorithmic Capabilit

    ·Fusion Visual Positioning Algorithm

    ·Voice Interaction Algorithm

    ·Image Vision Algorithm

  • Industry quality benchmark

    ·Mobile phone quality system

    ·Top supply chain assurance

INMO Roadmap

INMO Roadmap


2022.01 INMO Air is listed on the “Annual Honor Roll of China's AR Industry.”
INMO Air debut at the MWC2022.


2021.02 Qualcomm’s only designated XR manufacturer at
2021.05 INMO’s integrated 5 G AR intelligent glasses were exhibited at China Telecom CNI 2.0 press conference.
INMO was present at Qualcomm China Tech Day 2021.
2021.09 INMO brought INMO Air to AWE.
The Integrated 5G AR smart glasses INMO X exhibited in World
Internet Conference, Wuzhen.
2021.12 INMO won the “Metaverse Best Hardware Product Award” from leiphone.com.
INMO won the FBEC2020” Annual XR Business Value Potential Award” from
During the Christmas holidays, INMO teamed up with huolala, Iflytek, and We Sing.
Featuring in a racing game of the Ice&Snow Consumer Festival
organized by Wanda Group, igniting participants’ passion.


2020.07 Xview debut at Qualcomm XR 2021MWC.
The INMO team brought Xview to the 2020 CIOE.
2020.11 World Internet Conference.
EPSON’s only designated partner for complete appliance.