INMO Shows Off the First AR Glasses Capable of Language Translation in China | EqualOcean

INMO, an AR glasses maker, cooperated with NetEase Youdao, a search engine released by Chinese internet company NetEase, for an AI translation technology to support INMO’s AR glasses to achieve language translation in real-time.

INMO (Chinese: 影目科技), a Chinese AR glasses maker, announced a corporation with NetEase Youdao, a Chinese translation application, for artificial intelligence translation support. The service will be officially launched on INMO’s application store on June 20 to help AR glasses break down communication barriers.

Founded in 2020, INMO released a consumer-grade AR glasses INMO Air in July 2021, which is the first AR product that achieved mass production.

Lv Yifei, the co-founder of INMO, said that since its launch on on April 26 this year, INMO Air has ranked first in the sales list of smart devices on

The brand named “INMO Planet” operates the “metaverse life” that young people yearn for, especially attracting the attention of Generation Z, Lv added.

INMO is committed to creating a pair of consumer-grade AR smart glasses that people can wear and use every day and continues to optimize the software, hardware, and systems. It actively explores the “metaverse life” that is closely related to people's life, office, social interaction, entertainment, and education.

In the future, NetEase Youdao will continue to explore cutting-edge AI technology and continuously promote the integration of artificial intelligence technology and daily life. The connection between AI technology and AR glasses is expected to be continuously applied in real life.

INMO’s competitors include NED+ (Chinese: 耐德佳), Rokid, Microsoft, Meta, and LLVision (Chinese: 亮亮视野).

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