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On Monday, Shenzhen-based smart glasses startup INMO, also known as Yingmu Technology, secured roughly $10 million in Round-A funding drive that enables the firm to build its devices and support the development of new Social augmented reality (AR) content.

Investors Hello Group and Mumian Capital secured INMO with their funding. Additionally, Hello Group is working directly with the smart glasses firm to create its upcoming social content.

The Founder of Yingmu Technology [INMO], Yang Longsheng, said that the partnership between INMO, Mumian Capital, and Hello Group enabled his firm to effect national Chinese AR adoption.

The CEO added,

“The professionalism and efficiency of Mumian’s team have brought us a sufficient sense of security in the turbulent capital environment. In the future, we will also work together in the AR industry for a long time, and look forward to working with Mumian Capital to build China’s AR ecosystem”

INMO is leveraging its funding to optimise its software, hardware, and systems for users, as well as its capital to enhance its AR content offerings with new functions, content, and interactive environments.

Furthermore, the Shenzhen-based firm will add support for shared immersive environments that cover entertainment, leisure, and enterprise use cases.

Previous Captial Success

In November 2021, INMO secured an undisclosed sum in a Series-A funding round led by Matrix Partners and supported by Unity Ventures, Junsan Capital, and pre-existing shareholders.

INMO used the funding to initiate mass production of its ‘INMO Air’ device and improve international brand awareness.

In early February, the Shenzhen-based firm received more funding from Yilai Investment and 37 Interactive Entertainment. Additionally, INMO got almost £49,000 in July last year in an Indigogo funding draw.

INMO’s Air AR smart glasses stand out thanks to the lightweight design, weighing less than 80 grams. The Air device offers up to four hours of battery life, a high-definition camera, GPS capabilities, and media playback.

INMO Air also enables users to navigate AR environments without other wearables or controllers. The device incorporates head, touch, and voice inputs to create a streamlined user experience.

The firm will release its INMO Air smart glasses in December of this year, priced at roughly £300, but has not confirmed a launch date.


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