Q: Will people in my vicinity hear the sound when INMO Air is playing?

INMO Air has one left and one right speaker at the end of the mirror leg, and at a certain volume (around 50%), the next person will not be able to hear you.

At a certain volume level (about 50%), I will not hear what you are playing; however, at a volume level greater than a certain level, there is a chance that I will hear what you are playing.

I can't get the phone to work.

Q: At a certain volume level (around 50%), I won't be able to hear what you're playing. Why can't I get the phone to work? How can I tell if it's on or not when there's no power?

Step 1: There are low or no power cases because there is a time lag between the assembly and its delivery to the user. It is recommended that the user charge the prototype for at least 15 minutes before turning it on to gain hands-on experience.

Step 2: If the user confirms that the glasses have been turned on by pressing the power button for an extended period (the indicator light appears), but the screen does not appear, the user cannot determine whether the glasses have been turned on normally or not. If it does not exist, the optical device may have been damaged during shipping or use, preventing the screen from lighting up.

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