Photo and image synchronisation

Q: Why are the photos in my enSynchronisationenvironment and screen casting operation recommended Synchronisation and slow when I transfer them back to my mobile phone app?

Step 1: Our photo albums only accept photos in the standard jpg format.

Check to see if you imported other photo formats to the album folder, such as png and other formats, which may cause slow synchronisation or other abnormal compatibility issues.

Tips: Currently, only 20 photos are supported for Bluetooth synchronisation, and videos are not supported; however, some users may drag HD videos to CameraV2 files in U mode, and the related videos will exist in the album of glasses, and the first load will be slower, depending on the video format and size. If you find yourself unable to drag files, you can recover by unplugging the glasses again.

Q: How do I view photos or screenshots on my phone after they've been synced?

Step 1: Cell phone/DCIM/INMOFolder; some photos are stored directly in the phone's remote control.

Q: Why do I see the remote control pointer on the glasses side at first, but then the pointer disappears without effect?

Step 1: This is a phone compatibility problem. Because some cell phones do not support the HID protocol, the pointer cannot be used, but other button functions, such as screen on/off and back, can be used.

Step 2: If the pointer vanishes by accident, we recommend reconnecting the INMOLENS APP, turning off the background, and then opening the APP or swipe turn system stem self-service gallery on some cell phone models on Bluetooth to resume.

Step 3: If the pointer occasionally disappears, we recommend reconnecting the INMOLENS APP, turning off the background and restarting the APP, or turning on Bluetooth to resume.

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