OTA Update

Q: How do I find out when the glasses or APP have been updated?

Step 1: The APP is forced to push updates, and each time the APP is used, a new version is immediately pushed to the grid, requiring it to be re-downloaded and overwritten before it can be used.

To avoid compatibility issues, it is recommended that the current version of the glasses be unbundled before updating.

Step 2: After adding the grid to the glasses, the update reminder will be detected automatically by the rest screen wakeup once every 24 hours.

Q: What should I do if the OTA package takes a long time to download and the connection is frequently interrupted and retried?

Step 1: Confirm that the current network environment is satisfactory. Different cell phone signal strengths and operator base station layouts may cause low transmission efficiency if glasses are connected via cell phone hotspot and OTA download and upgrade.

Step 2: Using hotspots provided by stable indoor routers to download and upgrade as much as possible is recommended as the indoorsindoorsouters to download and upgrade as much as possible.

Because Bluetooth and WIFI interfere with each other. Bluetooth-related functions such as listening to music and transferring files should be turned off as much as possible during the upgrade process.

To ensure the effectiveness of the OTA upgrade, it is recommended that Bluetooth-related functions, such as listening to Bluetooth and transferring files, be turned off as much as possible during the upgrade process.

OTA upgrades require a 50% battery charge and more than 1G storage space.

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